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Mantras are Sanskrit prayers that millions have used daily for over three thousand years. The Shaivite Hindu tradition holds that everything we do involves energy, and that energy is nothing other than vibration. Our words, actions, and emotions contribute to a larger energetic field known as prana, or life force. We emit a wave of energy into the world whenever we think or do something. When we repeat a mantra, we direct our energy inward, allowing us to connect with our deeper selves and gain greater control over our minds. It has helped millions of people improve their lives and effect positive change.

The Bija Mantras Are The Sounds Of The Chakras. Bija (pronounced BEEJ) means seed. The Bija Mantras are one syllable sounds that are meant to activate the chakras along the center line of the body, or the 7 main chakras. Sounds or vibrations can help to leverage or activate qi or energy.

personal message from J2

I've had the privilege of participating in a spiritually-inspired mediation group led by the London-based medium, Bernard Isley. This journey has been profoundly transformative. About 18 months ago, a significant event unfolded during one of these meditations - I was visited by Indian deities, goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh. This divine encounter introduced me to a roadmap, an inspired blueprint for a creation intended to be shared with the world - a fusion of ancient Indian Mantras and my signature Indian Trap sound.

Guided by these celestial insights, I wholeheartedly embarked on this unique mission. The outcome was an ethereal mantra album, born from my interactions with these deities. This creation process has been an enlightening transformation for me, especially considering that just 18 months ago, my understanding of Mantras was limited.


It is my honor to share this divine musical gift with you today, may you enjoy it in good health and peace.  – J2


Pivotal to the creation of the Mantra Album is S. J. Jananiy, who came onboard to write the Topline melody for the enthralling J2’s music, and has sung all the chants with her robust and enchanting voice, during J2’s journey into weaving power from Mantras.

Personal Message from S. J. Jananiy

“It got me thinking about how these Mantras, encased in Trap music and Indian raga-based music, could be performed live, and that got me curious about those possibilities. Every mantra has at least 32 different vocal layers, along with a unique collage of taans, aalaaps, swaras, and improvisations that blend beautifully with harmonies for Jay’s track!”. Working along with Jay for this very special album was highly explorative by fusing the Vedic Mantras, and his Indian Trap music.


Not only that, but the 7 Bija Mantras, such as Vam, Lam, Yam, Rum, Aum voices, layered with J2’s sublime music, I've interpreted several improvisational phrases.


In this unique album “Mantras”, I’ve collaborated with the renowned LA-based producer Indian Trap aka J2, to create a new sound that combines the ancient Sanskrit mantras and Beej Mantras with Indian-Western classical vocal and ethereal vocal techniques. The vocals are wonderfully merged with the terrific contemporary music by J2. Now, Trap music fans and yogis everywhere can tap into this energy in a modern, exciting and accessible new way” - S. J. Jananiy


Jay Singh (j2)

Jay Singh, also known as J2 the hit record producer and composer is the man behind Indian Trap. Whether it's pop, cinematic, hip hop, rock, Epic Trailer music or anything in between, he brings his signature sound to music across all genres. Coming from a musical family, Jay AKA Indian Trap was first introduced to music at the age of seven. His father was one of the first pioneers of Bhangra music in the United Kingdom and both his grandfather and great-grandfather were celebrated Tabla players. Jay first burst into the scene when he won the prestigious Ministry of Sound DJ Idol Competition in 2002. Since then he has produced and remixed songs for many reputable artists including LL Cool J, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, and Madonna.

In addition, Jay powerfully established himself in the pop world under the J2 moniker with his hit single "Dare La La La," which he co-wrote and produced for Shakira's 10th studio album, the track debuted in most of the top 10 lists around the globe. A reworked version was released as an official theme song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup titled "La La La" Brazil," which is featured on the One Love, One Rhythm World Cup album. The song was also used in a T-Mobile commercial and Shakira's Activia Commercial, which became the most shared advertisement of 2014 and has over 2 billion streams to date.

With his uniquely cultivated sound, J2 has created a brand of modern songs called "The Iconic Series." They have landed in a Super Bowl commercial for the NBC Show "Allegiance" to the Oscar Winning movie Django Unchained with his version of Johnny Cash's "Ain't No Grave” which was the main title song for the Movie's Trailer. With the success of his placements J2 has released 8 collectives of “The Iconic Series” albums that can be found on iTunes, Spotify and heavily followed on Shazam. His songs can be heard in over 250+ movies, trailers, video games, TV Shows, and advertisements and have collectively garnered more than 500 million+ streams across YouTube and all major DSPs.

Over the past few 18 months Jay, has been focusing on his own unique Indian Trap Mantra album that is an amalgamation of diverse musical influences and draws inspiration from Spirituality, Sound Healing, Hip Hop, Trap Music, World Rhythms, Traditional Indian and Bollywood sounds while combining ancient Sanskrit mantras with classical Indian vocal techniques. Jay has collaborated with award-winning Indian artist S. J. Jananiy who delivers all the amazing vocals on this project. Jay found himself immersed in their profound energies and living by their potent vibrations daily. It's been a life-altering journey, one that's honed his intuition and fostered a deeper relationship with the universe. Throughout this process, Jay delved into studying Indian deities, mantras, and their impact on mental and physical well-being. To Jay, this album is more than just music; it's a healing tool that holds potential benefits for countless individuals worldwide.

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S. J. Jananiy is a Multi-Global-Award-Winning Composer who was bestowed with the prestigious "National Award" (Prime Minister Rashtriya Bal Puraskar) 2002 from the Government of India; bestowed with the "Kalai Maamani" Award by the Government of Tamilnadu for 2018.  She is also a Film Score Composer, Singer-Songwriter, Carnatic & Hindustani Classical Vocalist, Western Classical Singer, Music Director, Playback Singer, Performer, Music Producer, Record Producer, Sound Engineer, Carnatic Keyboard Instrumentalist, Keyboardist/Pianist/Harmonium Player. Rated as an "A Grade" artist of All India Radio, she has also won the following global honours: ISSA (International Singer-Songwriters Association) Award Bronze, Atlanta, USA, 2023; ICMA (InterContinental Music Awards) 2022, LA, USA - Best of Asia; HIMA (Hollywood Independent Music Awards) Nominee, 2023; 5X ICMA (InterContinental Music Awards) 2023, Nominee, LA, USA; Peace Song Award Winner 2018, LA, USA; 2X The Akademia Award Winner, March 2019; 8X Global Music Awards, Silver & Bronze, La Jolla, California, USA, 2019 & 2022; IMA (Independent Music Awards Nominee), 2019; 3X Clef Music Award Nominee, 2022 & 2023. Her debut English Song "Believe in You", topped the 19th position on Euro Indie Music Chart 2019.

S. J. Jananiy has collaborated with Musicians & Producers globally. To mention a few, Sofia Session Orchestra - GVA Records, Bulgaria; Overcoming Church, USA & South Korea; Indian Trap, LA, USA; Multi-Grammy Winning Musician Lonnie Park, USA; David Vito Gregoli, Santa Monica, CA, USA; California-based Filmmaker and A-List Photographer Nick Saglimbeni of Slickforce Inc; Session Musicians from Musiversal; Matty Harris, LA, USA; Benny Steele, LA, USA; Donal Whelan, Mastering World, London; Jeff Silverman, Nashville, USA; Tom Ritter, Nashville, USA; Morgan, LA, USA; Mark Summers, London; Beatboxer Fii, Austria; Ali Sehir, Clarinet Artist, Mid-East; Kiat Goh, Singapore etc. She has collaborated and performed with Legends & Musicians from India, such as Dr. S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Hariharan & many others along her amazing team of prolific Session Musicians based in India. 

As a child prodigy, with 25-years of musical experience, her forte is her involvement with multi genres of music, having a strong foundation in the Indian Classical Music that leads her to explore multi genres. She is known as a Poly-genre Artist. Jananiy holds 80+ records to her credit for a number of albums for EMI Records, JSJ Audio & others. 


To connect with S. J. Jananiy’s Profile, Music & Social  Media, visit:

Album & Audio Credits



1. Muladhara (1st Chakra Root C - LAM) - J2, Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

2. Parvati Mantra - Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

3. Ganesh Mantra - Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

4. Swadhisthana (2nd Chakra Sacral D - VAM) - J2, Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

5. Saraswati Mantra - Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

6. Gayatri Mantra - Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

7. Manipura (3rd Chakra Solar Plexus E - RAM) - J2, Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

8. Vishnu Mantra - Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

9. Shiva Mantra (Om Namah Shivaya) - Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

10. Anahata (4th Chakra Sacred Heart F - YAM) - J2, Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

11. Lakshmi Mantra - Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

12. Durga Mantra (Om Katyayanaya Vidmahe) - Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

13. Vishuddha (5th Chakra Throat G - HAM) - J2, Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

14. Krishna Mantra - Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

15. Ajna (6th Chakra Third Eye A - OM) - J2, Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

16. Kali Mantra - Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

17. Sahasrara (7th Chakra Crown B - AAH) - J2, Indian Trap & S.J.Jananiy

Album Credits:
Songwriter Music Composition & Production: J2
Songwriter Melody & Singing: S. J. Jananiy


Music Composition & Production: J2 @ iTrap Studios, Los Angeles, USA

Production Engineer: Orlando Calzada @ Plugintunes Studio

Assistant Production Engineer:

Shaun Wesley@ iTrap Studios, Los Angeles, USA 


Vocal Recording & Arrangements by: S. J. Jananiy @ 3 Dot Recording Studios, Chennai, India.


Assistant Recording Engineer: R. Sankerganesh @ 3 Dot Recording Studios, Chennai, India.


Traditional Mantras mixed by: Grammy-winning Producer/Engineer Kofi Agyei 


Mantras Mastered by: Multi platinum and Grammy nominated Mastering Engineer

Robert Vosgien (RVMastering) 


Bija Chakra Mantras Mixed & Mastered: by Grammy Winning Mix/Mastering Engineer Rob Beaton


Lyrics: Traditional Mantras & 7 Chakra Bija Mantras


Traditional Mantras: Om Namah Shivaya, Om Katyayanaya Vidmahe, Aigiri Nandini, Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu, Om Bhrur Bhuvah Svah, Om Shree Mahalakshmi Che Vidmahe, Saraswati Mahabhage, Om Shri Krishna Sharanam Mamah, Om Gam Ganapataye Namo Namah & Om Kalikaayai Cha Vidmahe.

Bija Chakra Mantras: Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Om (AUM) & Ah.

Video Credits:

Cast                                                              S. J. Jananiy. 

Director                                                     R. Sankerganesh.

DOP                                                             Pon. Kasirajan.

Cinematographer                               Calvin Jurkovic

Assistant Director                              Pugazhendhi PS & Vishweshwaran.

Camera Assistants                             Ganesamoorthy. 

Unit                                                              Ganesh Videographers, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Studio Location                                    Green Mat Studio, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. 

Makeover Artists & Stylist            Karthik, Annadurai & Kutty.

Artwork                                                    Shades of Dharma. 

Animation & Covers                          Saviourx8.

Video & Poster                                      Farhan Khan.

Producer / Composer                       J2. 

Production/Record Company     iTrap Records & J2 Entertainment Inc.

Marketing & Promotion                  Beth Ann Hilton, The B Company & Resa Media. 

Management:                                        Harvie Singh for J2 Entertainment Inc.

                                                                        Simon King for 131 Management Inc.

                                                                        Achille Forler for Silk Road.

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